Su gimtadieniu, Lietuva!


Today every house in Lithuania is decorated with a national flag. The 16th of February is a very special day for every Lithuanian, because it is the date of our independence. This year we marked the 100 year anniversary.

Exactly a 100 years ago, documents were signed by Jonas Basanavicius that from that day Lithuania is free. Not only Lithuanian people from all over the world are congratulating each other with freedom, but out national flag was even seen in New York city Times square and in Germany.

Just like every year, biggest cities of Lithuania have a lot of events dedicated to the day, however, this year we made it special: children were included in all of the events to encourage patriotism. My sister with her classmates gave out flags in the whole city center for everyone, schools were decorated with flags made by students wishing Lithuania happy birthday. There was also a bonfire and the march of soldiers just like every year.

In every news website we can find numerous stories about this significant day and today is the day when parents share stories about past with their children. What I was told by my parents and my grandparents is that I have to be grateful for the independence I have today. Everything we have today was unimaginable a little more than 100 years ago.

People risked their lives to get a publication in Lithuanian, because the Lithuanian press was forbidden and talked in the darkest corners, because our language could not be used.

But today we celebrate. I am proud to be Lithuanian, today more than ever! Su gimtadieniu, Lietuva!


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